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Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Is it just me, or is the series Lost just getting more ridiculous as each episode passes? The show started off pretty good. A whole bunch of people from all over the world, forced to start a civilization on an island, with the hopes of one day being rescued. Everything seemed normal. Then we begin to see polar bears. Clouds of black smoke killing people. "The Others" stealing people's babies. And now, the island might not be an island. It might be hell. Sadly, this has become one of those shows that I have come to regret ever starting to watch. It is far too inconclusive for its viewers, and it just seems like it will drag on until these writers cannot come up with something stupid enough for people to believe. The Gossip Bitch hates you Lost.


posted by The Gossip Bitch @ 10:48 PM  
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