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Gossip Bitch is a LAZY BITCH - BOOBS
Wednesday, March 14, 2007
As you can see, I haven't posted in a while. And I don't know how often I will be posting in the future. But I have been recently working with the peeps over at

When they told me about their idea, I fell in love. Nothing has ever been created quite like it. I strongly encourage everyone to head over to their site and participate, browse around...anything.

WHAT IS YOU ASK? Well I am glad you asked because I am more than happy to explain. is a site where you can submit your pictures that you have taken with celebrities. For example, if you've ever met Beyonce and taken a picture with her, send it in to this site. They will post it for everyone to see. The fact is that everyone does want to see these pictures. I know I sure as hell do. Pictures of celebrities and their fans is one of the purest things in the entertainment industry these days. Everyone has some, so go over to the site, and post them. Let me know what you think. Clicky

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